You Hope the reader sees it so you pay more for placement.


You hope that they even have their radio on, but the salesperson has an answer, you need multiple spots over multiple days.


Same as radio only they add on you need multiple channels with multiple time slits.

How do you measure your R.O.I.?

Pretty much impossible unless you constantly bug the customer with that question.

Google says Native Apps are Dying

* Consumers must be "bribed" to download.
* They typically won't download a businesses app.
* Even when incentivized, they uninstall at the end of the promotion.

But the Big ones:
* Apps are Extremely Expensive.
* Less than ONE in every 10,000 that have been developed were actually profitable!
* You are trying to convince people you are already doing business with to download.
* Typical apps are worthless when it comes to bringing in New Customers.

"Native Apps are Dying" = Google