Each page has a Click to Start Overview like this.

Understand that Every Business Owner Needs this.

The problem is it's NEW to almost everyone and they won't understand how it works.

As good of a sales person as you may be, they simply won't understand. Even if they understand they aren't quite sure it will work and it takes a Lot of effort to get them it sign up, especially if you ask for money. This also explains why other companies in this space have failed.

A Better Way!

Since our system is FREE out of the gate, we use that to our advantage.

But just telling them it's Free also won't cut it because they won't quite understand the power.
The #1 thing you will hear is, "Let me think about it."

They must SEE it so here is the kicker...
You manually enter the businesses into the system.
Your goal is to get to 250 as fast as you can.


Manually Enter Businesses

Go to their website or Facebook page, grab what you need and get them into the system.
(See Just Below for how to do this.)



It's a good idea to pick a cross-section of industries with 2 or 3 entries for each.
At this point you don't want to necessarily put everyone in, you just need a good sampling of businesses.


Fine Tune

Drive around, check out the "Around Me" feature on your app and see how they display on your app. Make sure they display like you want and Tweak them a little if needed, i.e. video, wording, etc.


The Magic Number

Why is 250 important?
There are several reasons and we discuss this a little later but first, let's cover what you do when in the business and SHOWING the business owner their Free Listing.



Enter businesses into the system.

When anyone creates an account the system, for security purposes, asks to verify the email address of the business.
When enterering businesses you only have one email so how do you get around this?
The "+".


Create Unique Account.

When you enter a business you use your email address and add a little code.
Let's say Angies Restaurant. I make the login email usa+angies@whats-out.com, and I use my normal password. You would do the same with your email.
Now when I log into Angies listing to make changes, additions, etc., I just enter usa+angies@whats-out.com with the same password I always use (makes it easy to remember) and I can administer Angies account.
I then repeat this process for each business I enter. 


Manage or Transfer

Now I can stay on as the Administrator of their account, even charging them a fee to do so, but the Goal is to get Angies to take over their account and do it all. When we are ready to do thiat I just send an email to USA@Whats-out.com and specify which account I need to change, what the new username and email will be, and what the new password will be.
Now Angies has control over their account.
BUT, I can also log in as I have their login informaiton as well so I can go in and manage things for them as well.

Your Business Client gets a Free App & Free National Listing

Free - No Catch

Time to Join the 21st Century with the Latest Location Based Marketing.

They Start FREE and can stay Free as long as they like.

Then the system takes over, telling them when it's time to upgrade. 
And they will because what busines owner would not answer the door when a New Customer is knocking?

It's important to understand ours is a SHOW ME business, not a TELL ME one.
You won't be able to explain it, but you CAN SHOW it.