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Understand that Every Business Owner Needs this.

The problem is it's NEW to almost everyone and they won't understand how it works.

As good of a sales person as you may be, they simply won't understand. And even if they somewhat understand they question if it will work. It simply takes a Great Deal of time and effort to get them it sign up, especially if you ask for money. This explains why other companies in this space have failed.

A Better Way!

Since our system is FREE out of the gate, we use that to our advantage. But just telling them it's Free won't work because they simply won't understand the power. The #1 thing you will hear is, "Let me think about it."

They must SEE it so here is the kicker...
You manually enter the businesses into the system and we show you how to do this.

We have a SYSTEM.

Something to Consider.

Sheer Numbers

The Magic 250 system does something else that is not only Critical to your sussess, it's EXCLUSIVE to your system.

It allows you to Grow your Business by starting Small, then growing with your business by feeding it more business listings.

Every business owner NEEDS to Join the 21st Century and Location Based Marketing is the key. They Start FREE and can stay Free as long as they like.
Then the system takes over, telling them when it's time to upgrade. 

In a nutshell, folks are knocking on the businesses door.
What busines owner would not answer when a Potential New Customer is knocking, or an existing Customer wants to engage and purchase more?

Ours is a SHOW ME business, not a TELL ME one. You won't be able to explain it, but you Can SHOW it and we have a system for that.

Our system is a HOME RUN!

By this time you may be thinking sure, sounds good but it's still a lot of work.
Consider this. The Small Business Administration says there are 277,000 small businesses in Utah. If you were working Utah and were to go out and personally call on these businesses, with call backs and scheduling one could realistically call on and present to five per day. Fridays are always dead as business usually picks up and most don’t see sales folks on Fridays.

Then, figuring for holidays and other events one could effectively work 45 weeks which means it would take 307 years to call on all these small businesses. Hire 20 sales folks it would still take Fifteen Years!

On the other hand, one can effectively enter several businesses a day into the App and then contact them, either in person, by phone or if an email address, by Vid-Mail (you'll see this later.) 

The WOW Factor

You need a Slam Dunk to get their attention. Anything less and they go into the "We'll think about it," or "We'll get back to you" mode but they never do.

We have a system that takes care of this. It's a presentation that's pretty hard hitting and gets right to the point in terms a business owner understands..

Let me know if you want to see it.


The WOW Factor is a combination of the Show Me presentation, followed by the Slam Dunk online presentation.
We have a Powerful Leave Behind piece, customized to you, that hits pretty hard and asks them some important questions.
This works in two ways.
If you have spoken with them, typically they won't have grasped everything in one setting so they need a refresher.
If you haven't spoken with them as they weren't in or they were too busy, it's still a Slam Dunk because it prompts action.

Viral Growth

  • You simply can't call on all the businesses out there.
  • Our Do-it-Yourself system is designed to kick in so other businesses, the sharp ones, will be coming onboard on their own accord.
  • More and more businesses keep joining on their own, many without your intervention. It becomes a "Conspicuous by your Absence" deal. 
  • And your business just keeps growing.Viral Growth