Together we have the Power

* We all work together.
* We Gang up on the Big Boys.
* 100's of Businesses putting in 1,000's of Consumers.
* Everyone promotes for Everyone Else.
* Even your Competitors.

On top of that...
* It's FREE.
* Free to the Business AND Consumers.
* Currently growing Nationwide and Internationally.
* Even consumers from Other Countries will find you when they visit.
* We are already in multiple languages.


Together we have Power

Everyone Helps Everyone Else, that's something the Big Boys don't do.
This feature is Exclusive to Us.
You will be sharing with your customers, the folks down the street with theirs, folks in other towns as well, folks throughout the whole state.
Can Walmart do that?


Joint Business Community

eComm = Local Businesses banding together to Gang Up on the Big Box Stores. Watch the Video below.
Schools, Churches, Business Owners, Customers, even your Competition, Everyone is adding more users to the system and that means more prospects that will see your Free Listing.


Expanded Reach in Their Language!

Reach the Whole State, then Nationally and Abroad.
As our system grows your reach grows right along with it, but your Price remains the same. 
When those folks come here for a visit they WILL find you, and your information will be displayed in Their Language.

Why will customers download?
We give them a Simple Message...

Download the Find Cash App.

To the customer, What if you had Local Businesses offering you Deals, right to your Smart Phone, as you approach their business?
And What if your In-Store Experience totally changed?
And What if this Phone Upgrade was FREE?

Here is a link that will be seen throughout the entire area to Get the Find Cash App.

Banners in malls, Promotion by non-profits, Other Businesses, even your Competitors...all saying the same thing.