We use Push Notifications

They influence intent and this is true in virtually ALL Industries.

"If you have not properly joined the mobile movement and your competition has, your company will soon become irrelevant."
Bill Gates, Microsoft

This informatikon is Very Interesting...

Push Notifictions are the Future

There are Numerous Advantages of Whats-OUT and Push Notifications.

  • Customers download One app for All Businesses. They don't need to have different apps for different businesses like with Walgreens, Starbucks, Ikea or any other system out there.
  • Messages are delivered right to their phone, and in Their Language.
    Another Exclusive. If their phone is set to Spanish, your messages are delivered in Spanish!
  • We are now in 6 Languages and on 5 Continents so when those folks visit from Out of the Country they will find the Local Businesses when they get close.
  • Push Notifications are Instant.
  • They can work as a Direct Push or through the GPS system on the phone or through Beacons for Location Based Marketing at it's best.
  • They are Not tied into a cellular plan that eats data like other systems.
  • They can be simple messages, Rich text, even links to video or websites.
  • Unlike texting or email, Push Nofifications can be tied into Location based marketing so messages are seen when they are most relevant.
For a summary of what the customer first sees before downloading their app click on this link.

Instant and GeoTargeted Push Notifications will Change your Business.

It's "Right Here, Right Now" Advertising.

GeoTargeting is the Wave of the Future because it reaches the intended prospect when it actually means something, not when they are nowhere in the area and cannot act on the message.

You can send immediate push notifications, have them controlled through your GeoFence, or have them controlled through Beacons.

You can even schedule them with Multiple Options.

Traditional Advertising
is not only EXPENSIVE, it's Also Dying.

We have a whole section on this.